• Fully autonomous behavioral analysis
  • Real time continuous monitoring with counter measures

Clean Secure Energy

  • Turn-key secure energy solutions for resiliency
  • Modular in design and scalable by need with rapid ROI

Advisory Services

  • IT Consulting

Quantitative Modeling

  • Profit Generating Analytics
  • Risk Mangement

Speed. Simplicity. Security.

Innovative Technologies & Services developed and engineered to follow three core principles

Cyber Security

Next-Gen AI and behavior analysis technologies for fully autonomous and real-time decision-making capabilities. Providing a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solution for Cyber Security and Risk Management Services for the Digital Enterprise.

Clean Secure Energy

Custom Solutions Integrating Clean Technologies and patented Technologies to Protect Your Energy Investments.

Advisory Services

Government and Department of Defense Contract Regulatory and Compliance consulting.
IT Intelligence consulting and Engineering.

Quantitative Analytic Modeling

Quantitative Analytic Systems (OAS) applies quantitative mathematical models to evaluate volatilities and correlations between asset classes in a real time, multi-currency environment.

About Us

REMTCS, Inc. is a leading management and technology consulting firm specializing in information systems for Defense Contractors, Banking, Private Banking, Wealth and Portfolio Management, Brokerage, Health Care, Biotech, and Insurance. ​​​

For over 20 years, REMTCS has been implementing successful projects ranging from global infrastructure upgrades to implementing operational risk management systems at some of the world’s most prestigious services firms.

REMTCS has consistently performed to our clients expectations in the following areas:​​ Consulting Services, Market Solutions, Home Insurance, and Industry Specialties.

Our Clients